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Top Qualities to look for the best transcription services While

  • Characteristics of the Best Transcription Services to Provide Excellent Quality

    Generally, in most cases, particular features and certain characteristics are taken into account before choosing the best transcription services. And offering the best output for clients makes the transcription services worth it. In today’s time, most businesses are engaging into hiring transcription service providers to do the  certified transcription services for them. As a growing industry, spanish transcription services also offer other programs to other institutions, schools, and even to individuals.

    Qualities to look for the best transcription services

    One way to make transcription services stand out from the rest is their capability to provide transcription output accurately. Some of the online transcription services are catering single transcription type, meanwhile others are doing Professional transcription services specific for a certain industry or subject matter. But, you must have to consider and be keen in observing the following qualities prior to choosing one.

    Accuracy is the top priority

    The most critical aspect of a transcript is its accuracy. A clear, legible, and well-formatted document is an example of accuracy. Lots of clients’ criteria on having an awareness of details and understanding the situation is mainly based on the accuracy of the transcript transcribed by the transcription services. Keep in mind that even a simple mistake is not acceptable.

    Employment of technology

    Various software are available to be able to operate the process of transcription services. One of which is the machine-driven audio software for transcription. Generally, it is the cheaper version of the human transcription. Yet, the downside is that it does not succeed to achieve the accuracy of human transcription services.

    Ensure security

    The transcription services online know how to keep the sensitive and confidential files protected and secured. Most of the transcription services based their data protection process on the data privacy regulations of the GDPR implemented by the European Union. This is pretty much applicable for online business that have interactions with the EU. 

    Affordable pricing rate 

    Another important aspect to observe prior to choosing the transcription services is the transcription services rates. A precise pricing rate from the beginning of the project shows that the service provider understands the need of the client. Moreover, this also identifies the challenges which result from the transcription process. 

    Below are ways in which charges for transcription services are derived:

    1.       Length of audio – the fee would depend on how long the audio is recorded. This is regardless of the length of the transcription process.
    2.       Actual time of processing – on the contrary, this pertains to the time a transcriptionist is doing the process no matter the length of the recording is.
    3.       Transcribed word count – this fee is based on the number of words.
    4.       Total of the whole project – a lump sum is being paid for a particular project no matter the length of the audio and the time of transcription process. 

    Transcription with a personal touch

    The industry of the transcription process are very popular now, however not all provide personal touch which make their services worthy. Yet, transcription in the academic field is different in the medical field. The difference would lie in opting for the best service provider.