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Horizontal Gasoline Engine Diagnosis Methods and Steps


    Horizontal gasoline engine diagnosis methods and steps:

    1. When the starting gear is activated, neither the starter nor the engine can rotate. Check according to the failure of the starting system. First, check the battery storage and the connection and contact of the pole; if the battery is normal, check the starting circuit, fuse, and ignition switch;

    2. Depress the throttle to the medium opening position, and then turn on the starter. If the engine can start at this time, it means that the fault is the idle speed control valve and its circuit failure or the air intake pipe leak. If the throttle still cannot be started when the accelerator is pressed to the middle opening position, the next step of inspection should be carried out;

    3. Perform a visual inspection. Check for air leaks in the intake pipeline; check whether the hoses and their connections are intact; check for leaks or cracks in the crankcase ventilation hose

    4. Check high-voltage sparks. If the high-voltage spark is abnormal, check the high-voltage wire, ignition coil, distributor, and electronic igniter;

    5. Check whether the ignition sequence is correct;

    6. Check the oil supply of the oil supply system. After confirming that there are tears in the fuel tank, check the fuel supply pressure in the fuel pipe;

    7. Check the ignition timing and the ignition sequence of each cylinder;

    8. Check the working condition of the fuel pump switch installed on the airflow meter;

    9. Check the working conditions of the spark plugs of each cylinder;

    10. Check the ignition timing. If the ignition timing is incorrect, further check the ignition timing control system.

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