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Saving fuel is very important


    Jiaxing Lineng is Timing Advance Processor manufacturers and suppliers. The timing advance processor can adjust the original vehicle's ignition time by adjusting crankshaft position sensor signals send to its ECU control system, which can advance the original coil of the ignition point and optimize the operation of the engine when using LPG and CNG.

    Nowadays, when the world economic crisis appears to be far away, and the price of petrol goes higher every day, the question about alternative fuels for transport becomes more and more serious.

    During the last several years the prices of the most commonly used – gasoline and diesel have raised almost twice. At the same time, we are witnesses of the raising need for transport services. That's why saving fuel is quite important.

    It is well-known fact, that gasoline engines can be easily converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The burning process is quite the same and has similar parameters, like working temperature, pressure, etc. Despite the similarities between these gases and gasoline, there are differences.

    One of the most important is the octane rating. Methane, propane, and butane have a higher octane number (RON) and that's why the burning process can be optimized for better performance and lower consumption. This optimization should be provided by the additional device since the petrol engines are usually not factory-equipped for alternative fuel.

    The electronic control unit (ECU) is programmed for optimal performance when the vehicle is running on gasoline, but on LPG/CNG, these signals are modified by additional ECU. Usually, it reads the signals for the injectors and attempts to match the same timings for the petrol injectors when the car is running on alternative fuel. The main problem here is that the ignition timing is not modified, although the octane rating of both CNG and LPG allows a higher timing advance.

    If you are interested, please click on the link to learn more:https://www.lnautogas.com/product/cng-lpg-pipe/