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How Junk Food Can End Obesity

  • The article “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” written by https://exclusive-paper.net/ explores how processed junk food in fast food eateries abets unhealthy lives. This can be considered as the thesis statement because it is explored in several paragraphs of the article how the food processing companies determine the salt, sugar and fat contents in the food that they process and how that is unhealthy for human beings. The author has an explicit stance. An explicit stance depicts from the way he does not shy away in mentioning the names of the places he visited and the type of food they served him. Furthermore, the author provides a vivid explanation of how the served food was processed and the amount of time it required. Notably, the author is campaigning for a shift to wholesome foods, which are made from fresh farm products such as fruits and vegetables. However, he is quick to point that people should be cautious in some wholesome foods, as well.

    The article “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” comprises of many authors who comment on how junk food can play a significant role in reducing the obesity pandemic. The article commences by the author providing his brief tour to a Café in Ohio where he was served with a wholesome juice that contained more calories than he anticipated. The article condemns the fact that food processing industries are given the mandate to determine the amount of salt, sugar and fats in the foods they process because they stuff the food with lots of these additives.

    At some point though, the article gives credence to popular food producers and fast food outlets for the effort they have exerted in an effort to reduce the amount of calories in the foods that they serve. The article indicates that these popular food producers and fast food outlets are more promising in their effort to curb the obesity pandemic than the wholesome food outlets that still serve fresh food that has high calorie content.

    The article also explores the food revolution that ought to grace the United States restaurants. The author narrates how he visited a fast food outlet in east L.A intersection where he was served with a Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich. In his opinion, this abounded as the healthiest food he had eaten because it took less time to prepare and was cheap to some extent.

    The article features McDonald’s as one of the biggest fast food outlets and chain stores in the United States as well as across the world. The author explains that the outlet has strived in its endeavor, to ensure that it serves people with healthy foods. It has done this through “reducing fats in foods, shrinking portions, adding fruits and vegetables in its diet and trimming salt content by 10 percent in most of its food.

    In conclusion, the article sums up by exploring how healthier ingredients can be included into candy bars. Notably, this is an example of a healthy processed food, which can compete directly in terms of nutrition with wholesome foods. Various technologies are employed to ensure healthy, appealing foods and these include nanotechnology, ultra-high pressure, edible coatings and vacuums. The article sums up by pointing out the arguments advanced by implacable enemies of healthy processed foods. Those opposing healthier processed foods indicate that adding healthy ingredients to processed food is part of the problem that causes obesity because food is healthy in its initial stage, but not after some ingredients have been added.