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Humble Student Of The Markets: October 2021

  • Overall, I am grateful for Shareinvestor support team for this assistance. Cisco Systems will now have support at $17.82. In the course of understanding and learning to use the platform, I asked myself that if I could have my EOD trading system coding and scanners in the Station as my real-time trading tools, wouldn't that be great? Over the months, I continued to code other part of my EOD system into the Station, next is the Advanced Cutloss line which is coded to keep my money safe and sound when there is trouble. Meanwhile, on safeguarding the capital market against money laundering activities, the SC said that it is committed to ensuring that capital market intermediaries implement the highest standards of preventive measures, to counter the problem. This tax is basically the difference between the fair market price of share on the exercise date and the price of the exercise. It's marginal tax rate is 35%. Compute operating cash flow for the first year. 2018 is a year of dog, and this is my year.


    Again, I am looking for 30% gain in 1 year and I believe this boutiques near me can hit RM4.00 by end-2014. 4. Switching to TSH (can touch RM4.00 by end-2014). 6. My paper portfolio made 43% so far due to gain in YOCB, hope TSH can grow another 30% in 2014! At least in sectors like health care, where the government is a leading customer and predatory pricing can lead to more than just public shaming, the Valeant story should be a cautionary note for others in the sector who may be embarking on similar paths. Thus, above were the five things that every trader might feel amusing and keep these in mind, it might help you gain more profit and also reduce the risk in the Binary Options trade (Especially the fifth one). Keep in mind, all of these stocks are below their 10 day moving average so until this changes, be cautious.


    Right now, the stock is trending along with It's 10 day moving average. The stock was rising higher and higher and then all of a sudden, there was a paused in trading activities and then the stock went suspension until now. As the shares started to bottom again in January 2019, I continued to monitor the smart money activities. Post printing a high near 420 in January 2017, the bull cycle changed dramatically, and thereon bears have taken the lead. It is in palm oil plantation business and has young trees and high volume growth in FFB. NASDAQ could end up opening above it all time high on 11/25/20 before Thanksgiving Day, Pennsylvania and Nevada certify election for Joe Biden. Thanks Guy.. If I manage to swin full time at home one day, you will be my greatest mentor. While many of his students have acquired legendary status, one of them, Warren Buffett has come to embody value investing. It is more probable that you going to see sudden and sharp changes in the value of your investment condition if you own just a few stocks. Previously, funds had been flowing into Asia excluding Japan but it was interesting to note that investors had changed their investment mentalities toward Japan.


    OTC, OTCBB, **** Sheets stocks going into November 23, 2009. Topping the list today is General Growth Properties Inc. This list shows you which stocks traders and investors consider " Hot " which makes for great trading. As long as the general trend is confirmed by moving averages and other indicators, it could be a good buying opportunity for traders. I am buying this stock before CPO prices break RM2700 per tonne. So my previous argument of buying because it is below book value no longer hold. As you know, the Station edition is of higher value and thus more tools are provided for serious traders to leverage on. 0, it simply tells me that the stock is currently outperformed the index and have more room to the upsides when the Index starts to catch up. By early February, the relative strength line began to move above zero line meaning that the stock is moving in sync with the STI index.



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