My Thoughts On Oriental Watch(HK:398)

  • Now buying FAZ is much more risky. The catalyst leads to buying frenzy and then it goes vertical. Look for boutiques s with big catalyst everyday. The objective of finding game changing catalyst stock is to find a stock that will increase your overall account by 15 to 20% in one trade. As my account size keeps on increasing I am now spending more and more energy on trying to anticipate breakouts and entering very close to breakout level. Everyday I prepare a list of stock likely to breakout that day or in next few days and publish it on the stockbee members site. Today i have following stocks on my list. Every day that passes with interest rates at zero, we’re seeing more money flow into growth stocks. GM - Approximately half of our realised profits are retained for our organic growth strategy, as the business model provides returns well in excess of our cost of capital.


    The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) sentiment index jumped by 6 points to 78 in August, topping consensus expectations for a rise to 74 and matching the December 1998 record reading also of 78. Reading above 50 are considered to reflect positive sentiment. It was clearly seen at the beginning of this year that stock market with the BSE Sensex jumped 300 points and breached 36,400 levels while NSE Nifty crossed the 11,150 mark. The stock market was gaining steam before news of New York possibly ordering a shelter in place. For this look at pre market gainers and last night after close gainers. 14 big trades like these have contributed to 80% of my profit in last 14 years. Look at FB last year. Look for a game changing earnings surprise announced after hours or before market open. It had blowout earnings. BOOM is another example of this kind of explosive move post earnings.



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