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Important Things You Should Know About Walnut Creek Notary

  • Walnut Creek notary public is a public official who is empowered by the state of Georgia to administer oaths, take acknowledgments, take proofs of deeds, and execute oaths or affirmations. This office is a public trust, held by the notary public. It is one of the few notary public offices located in Georgia. Other types of notary publics are: bankruptcy attorney, tax assessor, county clerk, circuit court judge, U.S. Tax Court, bankruptcy court, U.S. bankruptcy Court, land registry, patent office, U.S. Customs Court, U.S. bankruptcy Court, and attorney for the title of land.

    In Georgia, the notary performs many duties related to the administration of the business. He receives compensation for services as a notary public from the parties that need a notary. The fees of a notary public are generally considered legal fees. The notary public may also be paid by the parties for his assistance in preparation of papers required for a transaction.

    There are some specific responsibilities of a walnut creek notary. Generally, he has no role in real estate transactions or financial matters. He cannot act as a planner or agent. He cannot act as the representative of two parties. He cannot give legal advice.

    Each state establishes its own laws pertaining to a notary public. Generally, he is considered to be a public officer, subject to oversight by the courts and the public. He can be paid a fixed sum of money or reimbursed for expenses incurred. Generally, notaries can be appointed by the Secretary of State through a process called voter registration. Prior to being appointed, he must pass an exam.

    The majority of States require notary publics to be licensed. They also require him to be a United States citizen and have a good standing with the American Association of Professional Notaries. The most important qualification is that he must be at least 18 years of age.

    To become a walnut certified notary public, one needs to pass the NNSA test. In order to become a notary public, one may apply for a notary license from the Secretary of State. The license holder must pass the required examination and then take an oath of office. The license holder will serve as an agent for the parties or individuals to whom he will deliver notary notices. To protect the interest of clients, he must exercise sound professional judgment.