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Testing Data Management Can Improve Software Testing Process

  • There is a need for organizations to come up with a test data strategy that effectively deals with test data and allows the system to adapt to changing business requirements. It is important to note that test data management is a key component of the overall test execution process. In a generic sense, test data management deals with both the execution and the documentation aspects of an IT project.

    The test data management procedure establishes, if an IT system fully complies with all the relevant test data needs (security, compliance etc). Similarly, correctly dealing with test data in the test phase becomes even more significant with the advent of the GDPR that comes into play with regards to personal data privacy. The importance of this kind of policy stems from the fact that in certain circumstances it becomes necessary to rely on test data management in order to meet certain legal requirements, and it is also essential in order to ensure the proper functioning of the e governance platform. Thus, in view of these facts it is quite essential to understand how test data management has a direct impact on the overall test execution process.

    One of the primary objectives of any test data strategy is to minimize manual tasks and streamline the whole testing methodology. This involves creation of test data models and ensuring compliance with the legal obligations pertaining to personal data privacy. With these objectives in mind it becomes quite obvious that test data management is equally important as the application development test suites. Application development test suites deal primarily with security and technical issues whereas test data management deals exclusively with compliance factors. While it may not be possible to cover every possible scenario under test automation, test data management helps in making the testing process easier by dealing with scenarios that are unique to each test suite.

    It is quite evident from the aforementioned that there are a number of benefits that can be derived from an automated test data strategy. However, in order to reap maximum benefits one needs to create test data models that are robust and flexible. This means that one must ensure that the data model being created is robust enough to handle all kinds of test cases. Such a test data strategy will help you create test data models that are test ready and will save time and effort in the long run.

    A test data management system should also allow for customization, scalability, and portability. The test data management software used should be capable of managing test data across different platforms and test environments. A software testing company that offers all these capabilities is the best company to partner with. Once the test data management software is developed and deployed; it is important to maintain the strategy consistently and comprehensively. All aspects of the software development lifecycle should be monitored to ensure that there are regular updates and patches that are applied in a timely manner.

    Test data orchestration is an important part of a comprehensive test data management software package. Test orchestration helps ensure that test activities occur in a smooth fashion. A test data orchestration tool ensures that test data requests are handled efficiently by multiple test processes and that the resource allocation is correct and reliable. Since test data is used heavily throughout the software development lifecycle test orchestration tool should ensure that the test data requests are fulfilled as scheduled. Thus, such tools help in controlling the test activities and improving overall efficiency.