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Why VOC Testing Is Important For Commercial Air Quality Testing

  • In Los Angeles, there are several firms that offer Los Angeles commercial air quality testing and consulting services. The firms perform analysis of indoor air quality, outdoor air quality, chemical air quality, and perform complete Environmental Monitoring Program (EMAP) and remediation of air quality problems including odor control. The companies also test for lead and asbestos, radon, pesticides, MTBE, carbon monoxide, and provide EPA certified ozone control products, and local support for the enforcement of the Clean Air Act. They provide services to businesses in downtown Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, and the Westside Los Angeles.

    Several studies have demonstrated the correlation between indoor air pollution and various diseases including asthma. Studies have indicated that there is a strong connection between airborne particles and the development of respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, emphysema, and other chronic disorders. The presence of mold in indoor environments, particularly those that are unventilated, increases the chances of exposure to these harmful particles. It is not unusual for occupants of an office building to develop allergies to various airborne particles and molds. For this reason, the commercial air quality testing and consulting firm can be of particular assistance in determining the presence of mold and finding ways to eradicate it before it causes health problems for those individuals that are exposed.

    Another service provided by the consulting firm is the analysis and evaluation of indoor air quality in leed buildings. Leed buildings are structures designed to withstand indoor conditions. They are generally constructed of reinforced concrete and/or steel, and they are designed to meet the requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) residential roofing guidelines for outdoor exposure. In order to comply with these guidelines, the construction of commercial buildings must be made from materials that are resistant to ultraviolet light, which is what causes sun damage, and ozone formation, which can form ozone in indoor environments. The consulting firm can also assist in addressing these two issues so that the proper protective measures can be taken to limit exposure to these damaging UV rays and prevent ozone formation.

    One of the most common pollutants detected during the inspection is VOCs or volatile organic compounds. While VOCs are a fact of life in many areas of the country, they can pose significant risks when breathed in large doses. One such chemical that has been identified as a VOC is benzene, which is a petroleum product that can act as a VOC when it vaporizes. Other chemicals and gases can produce similar results when they become airborne. During the commercial air quality testing of a structure, the consultant will examine the samples to find the level of VOCs present.

    Many people are very sensitive to airborne particulates, which is one of the reasons why VOC testing is so important. Many people suffer from asthma attacks when they are exposed to certain airborne VOCs. An increase level of certain VOCs can also lead to symptoms in individuals who are not suffering from asthma. In order to avoid health risks posed by VOCs, the testing of indoor air pollutants is crucial to ensure compliance with safe building and health codes.

    Commercial indoor air quality testing services can offer consultant's a quick and easy means of ensuring that their facilities are VOC-free. By conducting a routine inspection of ventilation systems and collecting samples of VOCs in the air, these companies can make sure that they provide healthy living conditions for their clients. These quality inspectors are experts on the various types of gases and compounds that can cause health problems in individuals who are exposed to them. The consultation services that these consultants provide are designed to keep people comfortable and safe. It is essential that everyone is protected from the dangers posed by VOCs, but the use of modern technology can aid in this endeavor.