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I understand those NPCs are not really significant and all

  • Personal stories make me want to play all the races and have fun together, get to know their stories. I will willy-nilly across the map and there's a quest and someone to talk to everywhere. I realised I adored GW2 when a caravan quest was about to start and a priest came out and gave a speech, blessing the trip and the caravan NPC was commenting under their breath

    I know it's a repeating quest. I understand those NPCs are not really significant and all

    But the attention to detail left me adore it. I wanted to waste that time, I needed to stand there, listening to the priest and to the NPC who was just as impatient as a player and just wanted to GO

    The classes also appear to be balanced, actually. Even the paid one is not required to get fun, it is just different. Along with the Living Globe updates are a lot of fun

    My friend told me to play WoW with himand I chose to give it a go. And pretty certain we hit the"that you need to grind for a long time or get X individuals to assist you" wall. I got him GW2, instead

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