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It's a nightmare when you enter the cave only to discover that

  • My suggestion is to create levels. The range should be within 5 levels. If there's nobody within the room within 5 degrees of you the system will change to 10/15, 20/20, twenty-five, or OSRS gold thirty. If you're not within the 30 levels, your ***** will most likely be removed. If, however, there aren't any people in the same level as you, they'll inform you that there's no one in your level. You can go inside to stand in line. They will also try to pair you up with someone of your level. they will go backwards by 5s and forwards with 1s until they find the right person. please also post if you believe it should be 5, or by single digits.

    Not Enough Players. It's a nightmare when you enter the cave only to discover that there are 3 more people. But the upper right edge of the screen is "Not enough Players". I'd like to make it more simple so you only need 30 levels to defeat you. New arenas: I also want to change it so you can pick from five arenas. Please post your ideas for new arenas that you would like to support, and if you prefer the range of level to be determined by either 1s or 5s. Thank you!

    Okay... I have an idea. When you've got enough HQ to be able to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold fight, you can be a part of it. You will need 6 barricades and a 200-step long field. A fortress is also needed.