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Why? A better motive medium helms could be used

  • My idea is this: between The Hat/Helmet necklace and slot slot is a optical slot to OSRS gold get things you can use on your eyes. But allow me to go in-depth. Freeplay: But to do this out of the way, F2P could just have 2 types of eyeglasses; regular type and shades. Both with no real effect. Participants: Now on Members, there are kinds with various tints on these, green for ranging, blue for magical, red for melee, white for a prayer boost. But in the event that you ever equipped a sort of glasses, it would only affect 1 specific bonus, and glasses could never effect defenses, or strength. Some glasses could be rarer with more bonus.

    How they had affiliate using the Hat slot: Now, as everyone can see, Helmets and Glasses do not in anyway go well together. Consequently, if any sort of full helmet and glasses fulfilled, either would be eliminated if you clicked on one. However, if a moderate helmet was placed on as the same time as a pair of shades would, neither would be removed.

    Why? A better motive medium helms could be used. As you can see, this effect is similar to the way the 2 **** weapon and shield would behave. Example of items glasses cannot proceed with: Frog Helmet, Dragon Full Helm, Halloween masks. Example of items glasses can go together: Partyhats, Dragon Medium Helm, Cowls and Hoods. Of course, many things would need to be changed from hat to optical; highwayman mask, pirate patch, etc..

    That is a Dragon Soul armor, I made it especialy for another world since if they decide to buy RuneScape gold rebel, it won't function in this world. Now, here, this will allow you to get into the other world. He gives you a orb which allows you access in the world and green dragons soul armor. Use the orb and you'll end up in a castle gate. WOM: Just activate the armor to turn into a dragon. You do this and you become a dragon.