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I do not think hairstyles in videogames should be exposed to th

  • Not until we get to Animal Crossing Bells the point where somebody on Twitter admits to digging up bones out of graveyards to be used in witchcraft and they have known for, among other items, cultural insensitivity since they collected bones from graveyards disproportionately full of the corpses of people of color

    While I am disgusted at the idea of being on precisely the exact same side as Ian Miles Cheong about anything, I do not think hairstyles in videogames should be exposed to this kind of critique.Right wing conspiracy theorist. Entirely normal stuff! Honestly not sure why OP brought him into this in the first position, as he's widely known as being a totally unreliable online grifter.

    Like I thought the whole concept of cultural appropriation is a neutral matter - hairstyles and fashion cross cultural lines all the time, I feel like it is just disrespectful if you are appropriating something together with cultural meaning that isn't being respected.

    For people in a party that enjoys to disown their own extremists they assist strain, they sure love latching onto controversies that let them emphasise social justice issues like cultural appropriation.Honestly it is too far to put into Animal Crossing Items For Sale a Reddit despise article, but there is quite a saga if you're bored and want to check into him on your own.