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Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Color Scheme Of Ho

  • With the arrangement of numerous hotel furniture and the overall decoration of hotel suites, color matching is undoubtedly an important factor that affects customers in the first time. Cheap Hotel Furniture  Factory has come to check the color misunderstandings of hotel furniture:

    1. Black and white matching

    The black and white hotel suite furniture space is very modern, simple and fashionable, and it is the first choice of some fashionable people. But if you use black and white in the room, it is too fancy. Being in this environment for a long time will make people dazzled, nervous, irritable, and at a loss what to do. It is best to use white as the main color, and partially embellish it with other colors. This is also applicable to the key points of purchasing panel villa furniture. You can add gray between black and white to form a timeless classic. Incorporating the popular gray in recent years, it eases the visual conflict between black and white, thus creating a different flavor. The space where the three colors are matched is full of cool modern and futuristic sense. In this color situation, a sense of rationality, order, and professionalism will emerge from simplicity.
    2. Purple grasping steps will be depressing

    Purple seems to be quiet, fragile and delicate, and always gives people an infinite romantic association. Fashion-seeking people admire purple most, and it is more suitable for couples. Many home spaces also have this consideration. Reasonable use of villa furniture and bathroom space, but a large area of ​​purple will darken the overall tone of the space, resulting in a sense of depression. If there are children traveling for the whole family, do not arrange to use this in the room. This kind of quiet tone will make the child's innocent dreams no longer exist. You can add a little bit of gray, which is slightly neutral. The matching skills are: in the hotel furniture dominated by purple, you can add some yellow, such as yellow flowers in the pots, to make the quiet atmosphere more active. If the wall is blue and purple, in the choice of fabric, you can try purple and white stripes or pure white
    3. Excessive **** color will make you irritable

    **** is a warm color, and a large amount of use can easily make people feel irritable. Hotel furniture experts said that this type of hotel suite furniture is more suitable for weddings and honeymooners to adjust the atmosphere, and **** is a good choice for romance. However, the strong **** will keep people in a state of excitement all the time. After a period of time, the people living in it will have inexplicable emotions, which are easy to quarrel and cause irritability. However, the use of light **** walls or wallpapers can make people feel excited. The room turned warm.

    Through the above introduction,Cheap Hotel Furniture  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.