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Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces What Woodworking Furni


    There are two ways to customize furniture, one is for woodworking on-site, and the other is for professional custom furniture factory customization. Below, Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory will compare the difference between custom furniture and woodworking furniture:

    1. Edge banding
    Woodworking furniture: This is the eternal pain of woodworking wardrobes, and it cannot be solved perfectly. Not only the uneven surface affects the beauty, but also the fit is not tight, which is worrying about environmental protection.
    Customized furniture: This is the strength of the machine cabinet. The super pressure and the German environmental protection glue can achieve a very beautiful effect. The texture and color of the edge band are rich, and it can be integrated with the cabinet. More beautiful and environmentally friendly.
    2. Veneer
    Woodworking furniture: Generally, a large amount of glue is used for bonding. The flatness and whether the glue is environmentally friendly are easily overlooked. Pay special attention to the cabinets yourself.
    Customized furniture: Glue is also used, but the quality of the glue can be understood from the certificate, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the authorization period.
    3. Production process
    Woodworking furniture: make furniture on site, even if the samples you see are okay, but the precision of the furniture made by your home may not be at the same level. Because on-site production depends entirely on the craftsmanship of the woodworkers.
    Customized furniture: Factory-based production requires a certain capacity and processing quality, so large-scale machinery is generally used to complete the production. Therefore, the product has high precision, good edge-sealing binding force and beautiful appearance, and high installation accuracy.
    5. After-sales
    Woodworking furniture: Most of the decoration teams usually disappear after the installation, and there is basically no after-sales service. The decoration companies generally provide after-sales services, but most of them cannot be timely.
    Customized furniture: Generally speaking, it is relatively guaranteed during the warranty period, but the time period also requires a cycle, generally within 48 hours.

    Through the above introduction, Hotel Guest Room Furniture Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.