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Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale Manufacturers Introduces The Cl

  • Hilton Hotel Furniture For Sale  Manufacturers introduces cleaning methods of hotel furniture

    (1) Hardware fittings must not be wiped with water or cleaned with chemical products, because they will corrode the hardware fittings and will not be able to maintain them.

    (2) Use lubricating oil and perform regular wiping to enhance brightness.

    (3) If the lock core is not very flexible, you can scrape a little powder from the pencil and **** it into the lock hole. It is best not to drip lubricating oil, because it is easier to absorb dust.

    (4) Hinges and paradox wheels should be lubricated regularly.

    (5) When the hardware parts are loose, they should be reinforced. If they are too loose, they can't be solved by themselves, they should be repaired by the manufacturer.