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Hotel Guest Room Furniture Supplier Introduces The Knowledge Of


    Hotel Guest Room Furniture Supplier introduces the purchasing strategy of five-star hotel furniture:

    1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: In hotel and apartment rooms, the furniture is often damaged due to the intrusion of water and humidity. The dumping of tea, the diffusion of bathroom humidity and steam from bathing and sauna, the contact of bathing *** towels, seasonal climate and humidity changes, etc., will cause the edge of the furniture to be exposed, fall off, deformation and expansion of the board, surface cracks, blisters, Problems such as mildew, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function;

    2. Fire resistance and high temperature resistance: ignited cigarettes, matches, etc. will damage the surface of the furniture, and even cause fires. The fire resistance and flame retardancy of furniture cannot be ignored;

    3. Wear-resistance: conventional room appliances, such as telephones, ashtrays, tea cups, desk lamps, flower pots, laptops, suitcases, electric water heaters, etc., may rub against the surface of the furniture in daily use, causing scratches and impact The useful life of the furniture. The wear resistance of furniture panels is one of the important factors that determine the useful life of furniture;

    4. Environmental protection: Furniture materials: such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gases to the human body. The hotel and apartment rooms are relatively closed, and the irritating gas will directly affect the room occupancy rate. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose to stay in hotels;

    5. Style, style and design: The style and style of the furniture should be in harmony with the decoration style, avoid simple decoration with luxurious furniture, or luxurious decoration with low-end furniture; furniture selection should consider the location of the hotel and apartment, customer-oriented, Guest room pricing and investment restrictions, etc., should be centered on guest preferences and consumption concepts, and reasonable furniture design and product styles should be used to make up for the lack of architecture and decoration, and to enhance the hotel's grade and characteristics;

    6. One-time investment and preservation time: In order to ensure that the aging and damage of the furniture will not affect the guest occupancy rate, in addition to the one-time investment cost, the furniture selection should also consider the repeated cumulative investment in the furniture during the renovation operation. Repeated investment is required to maintain good appearance quality and high cost performance products for a long time. At the same time, the warranty time given by the furniture company should also be considered.

    7. Artisticity: The design of hotel room furniture will play a certain role in the overall image of the hotel, and the excellent design will also leave a good impression on customers. In furniture design, according to different types, the shape, material and color of the furniture are also changing accordingly. In addition to the design, the quality of hotel room furniture is also an important aspect, so we must give it both practicality and function Sex, it should also have a noble aesthetic taste. The sophisticated design can complement each other with the hotel room furniture, and the art appreciation has also been improved.

    8. Ease of cleaning: The hotel room furniture is equivalent to one of the hotel facades, so the cleaning of the room furniture is a must and is particularly critical. Hotel room furniture is the first impression of customers after entering the room. What we should pay attention to is not to wipe the furniture with coarse cloth or old clothes. Regular cleaning to prevent dust intrusion is the best way to maintain hotel room furniture.

    9. Practicality: From a practical point of view, the corners of the room furniture should be obtuse or rounded, so that it will not harm the young and under-tall guests; the TV should be set below Rotating partitions, because many guests need to adjust the angle of the TV when watching TV; the socket design should consider the use of mobile phones, which is often neglected in the design of many hotel rooms; bedside lamps should be carefully selected to prevent glare; computers The layout of the Internet line should be thoughtful, and the location of the socket should not be too far away from the desk. In this way, the humanized standard of hotel room furniture design can be reached.