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Lotion Pump Wholesaler Introduces The Use Skills Of Lotion Pump


    Lotion Pump Wholesaler introduces the common sense of lotion pump ****:

    1.Screw-type pump **** is divided into spray, foam pump, and lotion pump in terms of function.

    2. The size of the pump **** is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle. The common lotion pump heads on the market have 24 teeth and 28 teeth; the common foam pump **** has 38 teeth and 45 teeth. The length of the nozzle of the same caliber can be determined according to the height of the bottle.

    3. Special dispensers such as foam pump **** and **** buckle spray ****. The foam pump **** is a non-gas-filled ****-pressure pump ****. It does not need to be filled to produce foam, and it can produce quantitative high-quality foam with light pressure. . Usually comes with a dedicated bottle. ****-button sprinklers are usually used in products such as detergents.

    4. If the demand is not high, the molds are rarely opened by themselves, and the cost of the molds required is higher.

    Through the above introduction, Mist Pump Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.