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Glass Ball Wholesaler Shares The Manufacturing Process Of Glass

  • Glass Ball Wholesaler introduces the manufacturing process of glass balls:

    Most of the raw materials for glass balls are natural ores. Therefore, to make glass balls, first of all, various ores are crushed and processed into powder, and then according to the glass composition, batch materials are made and sent to a glass melting furnace for melting to form glass liquid. Qualified glass liquid flows through the feeding tank and flows out from the feeding port to form a material strand. The temperature of the stock is generally 1150-1170 ° C for medium-alkali glass and 1200-1220 ° C for non-alkali glass. The stock is sheared into pellets after nearly 200 times per minute. The ball billet passes through the chute, ball divider, and is driven by the ball divider plate, rolls into different funnels respectively, and then falls into the ball forming groove formed by three rollers with the same rotation direction. The ball billet rotates on the roller and its own surface tension effect gradually forms smooth and round glass balls. The size of the diameter is determined by the thickness of the glass liquid stream, the flow rate and the speed of the scissors.

    When the glass ball leaves the roller, the temperature is still very high. In order to prevent sticking the ball, it needs to be cooled by a cold ball disk or a serpentine track. In order to reduce the residual stress caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass ball, it needs to be slowly cooled by annealing. Then store in the ball warehouse for quality inspection.

    Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing Plant organizes and shares, hoping to help those in need.