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Design Requirements Of Lotion Pump


    The principle of the Lotion Pump  is that when using the atmospheric pressure, we first discharge the air in the reservoir (that is, the plastic tube that can absorb shampoo) by pressing, and when the air is exhausted, press the pump **** again. After letting go, the spring in the pump **** will return to its original shape, and then a vacuum will be formed in the liquid storage chamber, generating negative pressure. At this time, the pressure in the container is consistent with the atmospheric pressure.

    Then, it creates a situation where the pressure in the liquid storage cavity is low and the pressure in the container is high. At this time, due to the pressure difference, the atmosphere will press the liquid around the mouth of the liquid storage cavity into the liquid storage cavity, which makes people feel like The pump **** sucks up the liquid.

    Through the above introduction, Mist Pump Box Wholesaler hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.