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Lotion Pump Factory Introduces The Relevant Knowledge Of The Pu


    The size of the pump **** is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle. The spray specification is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/time—0.2ml/time. It is generally used for perfume, gel water and other product packaging. The diameter is the same. The length of the bottle can be determined according to the height of the bottle.

    Lotion Pump Factory introduces the working principle of the pump ****:

    Manually press the pressure handle downwards, the volume in the spring cavity decreases, and the pressure rises. The liquid enters the nozzle cavity through the hole of the valve core, and then sprays the liquid out through the nozzle. At this time, loosen the pressure handle and the pressure in the spring cavity The volume increases and negative pressure is formed. The sphere opens under the action of negative pressure, and the liquid in the bottle enters the spring cavity. At this time, there is a certain amount of liquid in the valve body. When the handle is pressed again, the liquid stored in the valve body will be Punch upwards, spray out through the nozzle;

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