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It's normal. You'll never be able to beat AOE

  • Do you mean raids or heroics? If the guy was talking about WOW TBC Gold rogues getting benefit from CC and helping out with off-healing, he most likely meant heroics. This is the case because average dps fall, without consumables or buffs for raids.

    It's all in the heroics. larger packs. Locks can be seeded, which makes dps higher. Only one target on my lock I can still get 1500 on bosses because the tank can withstand threats that there's a Shaman and mechanics cannot stop it.

    If you've got an adequately-equipped pally tank as well as a lock with large pulls, then everyone in your group is the main man for everyone but you. Hunters will be smoked, as are the mages too, unless they're poor health, and the mage is able to snipe before seeds go off.

    I'm not saying that 500 dps for an individual boss is pretty low, but when you give a cat the same conditions (fast kill times, high buffs) they'll probably be in the vicinity of 1k easily, when they've got some gear.

    As a wild tank, I average 400-500 DPS. You'll be much more in cat form with the dorky lvl 40 hat. If not, the person who is does not have the correct information. Tank.

    Feral tank can make use of racks of items, and can switch to DPS at a whim, and the difference in the talents between the tank and best DPS cat is as small as only a couple of points. It's not worth focusing on the wild DPS.

    Yes, there is more value to bringing. Personally I'm a laidback guy and wouldn't be bothered whether you're playing at 500-600 DPS in a group with me. I'm just pointing out the tanking feature is an enormous advantage.

    One of the issues I have is that I'm not able to fully rotate with certain mobs, because the hunter/mage/lock are cleaving everything .... Raids are much more powerful in overall DPS - not nearly as high as pure DPS, but less than Dungeons.

    It's normal. You'll never be able to beat AOE. Many people today look at everything as the best parsing circle-jerks that are out there So it doesn't matter. You can be a decent DPS tank and move to DPS with bosses. People speak only Parse and BiS on the mainline at present. They will take 10 seconds longer to handle the fight, which was created more difficult by utility.

    Feral can refuse to bear any animal, which is pretty Troll. They do have an internalization buff and crit buff. Rogue will only be of use only if they are the only raider , and have decent IEA uptime.

    Guild is asking me to become a Boomkin for the time being. I'm currently trying to put together my Boomie set. I was previously focused on Resto and that set was almost exactly what I was looking for. What I've got cheap WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold is a blend of heroic drops, raid discards, and reputation buys. This is especially true when it comes to HSP. All other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I'm late to the party, but I'll probably never achieve it with this pace.