Uplyftt Membership Program require to change account password.


Password should contains atleast one capital letter one lowercase letter and one symbol and number and must be atleast 8 characters in length.

Yes, as the copying is completed prior to release.

  • All servers currently running will be TBC servers. Open new Vanilla versions of WOW TBC Gold these servers. You have the option of activating the character in either the Vanilla or TBC version. You'll have to pay if you wish to activate the same character on both.

    EDIT: From Blizz's own piece about it. "On patch day, you'll be able to open the Battle.net desktop application and select the game you'd like to play--Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic. Your current characters will appear on both game types with your old name/s. Once you've chosen a game to play, you'll select one of the characters you'd like to play and then confirm your selection. If you decide to play as your character in both game types then you can use an optional paid service to gain access to the cloned character for both games. All you have to do is login your account as usual and play.

    Yes, as the copying is completed prior to release. The characters are all in Classic, there is no copy downtime in the case of Classic. If you choose TBC copying, it can cause downtime (just because its not instant) and imagine a lot of people's characters being copied at once; could bring the system down.

    The boost mostly becomes a problem as botters will most likely use it, creating even more of an issue with bots. If bots were controlled by a system, boosts would not be an issue. My friends and I go back to classic because we enjoy tbc. They join only because they can increase beyond the vanilla content.

    Our characters are all in Classic already. They don't want to sit unoccupied while other characters visit TBC. The entire database will be copied prior to launch. TBC will flip the "active bit" on the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold TBC database to true and the Classic bit to false when you choose TBC. Then you can pay $35 for them to flip that Classic bit back.