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Madden 21: The NFL's 10 Best Defenses

  • In the Madden 21 game, having a good defense will win the game. It seems that every game player knows the importance of defense. In Madden 21, there are a few teams that have excellent defensive capabilities. As long as the game players build themed teams based on these teams, you will get a team with consistent defensive capabilities, although this will cost a lot Mut 21 coin.

    Los Angeles Chargers (83)
    As of writing this article, the Los Angeles Chargers have suffered a serious **** to their underrated defensive unit. Their young superstar safety, Derwin James, who was looking to return from injury, has suffered another setback. It's unclear how long he'll be out for, but any time at all will be felt. Outside of James the team has strong pass rushers in Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, with a set of linebackers and secondary who may not be household names, but work their butts off under **** coach Anthony Lynn.

    Denver Broncos (84)
    Not only are the Denver Broncos coached by an NFL defensive mastermind in Vic Fangio, but they also have one of their best players returning from injury. Most fans are familiar with the superstar pass-rusher known as Von Miller, but his partner in crime went down with a serious injury in 2019. Nick Chubb is a stellar young edge rusher who was severely missed by the Broncos last season. With his healthy return and an offense that looks to be improving, the Broncos defense could see their 84 overall improve to greater heights in 2020.

    Pittsburgh Steelers (84)
    At the time, Steelers fans in Pittsburgh and around the world wondered why they traded so much for Minkah Fitzpatrick. A year later it's clear as day that they stole him from the Miami Dolphins as he quickly ascended to Defensive Player of the Year conversations with his production in the black and yellow. Alongside him, the team showcases the talents of Pro Bowl defensive ends T.J. Watt and Cameron Heyward, as well as the speedy force in the middle known as Devin Bush. This is a defense on the rise that's only getting better.

    Buffalo Bills (84)
    Coming in as the most underrated and disrespected defensive unit in Madden 21 are the Buffalo Bills. Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde may not be the superstar names you recognize, but they have a case for the best safety duo in the league. No one would claim that they're the best at their position, but it's hard to find two players who produce and are as consistent as they are on the same team. With the AFC East up for grabs, fans are hoping this is the year they win the division and through that gain the respect they've earned over the last 2 years.

    Cincinnati Bengals (85)
    The biggest shocker on this list has to be the Cincinnati Bengals. This is the team that just drafted the #1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and looks like they're about to start a rebuilding project. An overall of 85 for a defense which many consider being average at best seems high, but it's mostly carried by their defensive line. Both defensive tackle Geno Atkins and defensive end Carlos Dunlap are some of the best at their position league-wide and have been arguable the franchise's best players since they entered the league.

    New England Patriots (85)
    Despite losing several starters through free agency, as well as several others to the optional 2020 season opt-out players were provided due to concerns over COVID-19, the New England Patriots managed to have their defense rated as the 5th best in Madden 21. This is due in large part to the depth of their roster and the idea that the Patriots have always had a unit that was better than the sum of its parts. If the general consensus is to be believed then look for this unit to receive a slight reduction in overall once the season is in full swing.

    New Orleans Saints (86)
    As much as the offense in New Orleans gets credit for the team's consistent success, one could argue their defense has been just as crucial. Now, it's easy to poke fun at the blown defensive play that cost them a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings a few years ago, but that defense has managed to help the team win games. As great as Drew Brees and Michael Thomas are, sometimes the offense struggles, and Cameron Jordan and company have been there to carry them in times of need. Malcolm Jenkins arrived back from Philadelphia in 2020 and will make an immediate impact.

    Baltimore Ravens (86)
    With the recent release of starting free safety Earl Thomas, this rating is likely set to drop a few points, but for the time being it's good enough to mark them as the 3rd best defensive unit in Madden 21. Most fans outside of Baltimore and the greater DMV area have forgotten that Calais Campbell joined the team this offseason. He's pretty much their only superstar of note, but at every level, the Ravens have players who are smart, consistent, and play as a team in order to reach collective goals.

    San Francisco 49ers (87)
    The San Francisco 49ers somehow managed to lose large pieces of a Super Bowl contending defense this decade and built it back into a Top 3 unit in less than 5 years. It's pretty remarkable how well they've drafted, and it was mostly done in a way where they focused on the defensive line.Adding Richard Sherman through free agency was a low-risk high-reward move that brought a level of experience and leadership to a rather young defense. Look for them to likely get even better as they acclimate another year into the NFL.

    Chicago Bears (88)
    Since the Chicago Bears have an offense that has struggled for consistency, many people forget just how dominant their defense has been. Ryan Pace, the General Manager of the team, has managed to bolster the unit through the NFL Draft and bold free agency moves ever since he was hired. The Bears have a true playmaker at every level of their defense and the addition of veterans Robert Quinn and Tashaun Gibson make the unit even more terrifying. Regardless of who ends up starting at quarterback, look for the defense to try and carry this team to another playoff appearance in 2020.

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