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Madden 21:Is the Next Version Important?

  • The next generation of Madden 21 is about to be released on the new game platform. The new game version will definitely have many new content and improvements. This is bound to make Madden 21 reach its second peak, and gamers will also spend a lot of Madden. mut coins to get new player items. But´╝îDoes the next-gen version of Madden 21 matter? Or does the NFL's premier video game landing on PS5 and Xbox Series X amount to very little?Let's make a simple analysis below.

    Doesn't: Halftime Still Lame
    When gamers argue over Madden vs. NFL 2K, a strong case in favor of the latter is that it has always had a stellar halftime presentation for players. This has been a key point of contention for the Madden community for what seems like the better part of the last decade.

    The next-gen versions won't be doing anything to fix this issue and it's still unclear if that will change in Madden 22. Some may wonder why the halftime show even matters, but at the end of the day, fans of the sport just want a meaningful NFL experience similar to that of the one they see on television every Sunday.

    Matters: Rally Tackling
    Tackling is a key part of the game of football, and though the Xbox One and PS4 saw meaningful improvements to Madden's tackling system, there's still plenty of room for improvement.

    For the next-gen version of Madden, the developers have worked on a new tackling concept called Rally Tackling. It has new technology that predicts and anticipates player movement to make collisions and animations more authentic and seamless. It should add a larger variety of tackles.

    Doesn't: Development Cycle
    At this point, it should be clear that an annualized franchise like Madden undergoes a quick turnaround when it comes to its development. Players want drastic meaningful changes, but the reality is that developers are put into a tough situation where outlines are the priority, not innovation.

    This is why new features and changes feel like they've been drip-fed over the last seven years. Until more studios are assigned to the franchise or the release cadence changes, only small changes will be seen year after year.

    Matters: New Play-Calling UI
    If people were to be asked what they felt was most likely to change with Madden on next-gen consoles, play-calling wouldn't likely make the cut. Funnily enough, that's one of the major immediate changes people are likely to notice in the next-gen version of Madden 21.

    Not only does play-calling have a completely new user interface, but it also has additional features, including the ability to group plays based on a specific target. It also allows users to set favorite plays in the play-calling menu to make finding them easier.

    Doesn't: Meaningful Changes In 2021
    Whenever Madden releases during the year in which new consoles come out, that's often when the least innovation is seen. The games are made in 6-9 month cycles and it's highly unlikely the developers will be comfortable with the new tools until 2021.

    The publisher has also promised to focus on improving the lackluster Franchise mode in next year's installment. Many people are looking to 2021 for a fresh start, and the Madden NFL franchise may be right there alongside them.

    Matters: Improved Player Movement
    When Madden first released on PS4 and Xbox One, players were astounded at the improvement to both player movement and physics. In the years since then, both of those things have become stagnant, buggy, and lackluster.

    It all goes back to the argument of Madden's lack of competition in the market leading to a lack of innovation. Electronic Arts has stated that real player data provided by next-gen stats will drive player movement, although it remains to be seen whether this amounts to any significant improvements.

    Doesn't: Ultimate Team Is Still Focus
    No matter what the developers and producers say, Ultimate Team will always be the priority for them. The mode just makes so much money that it's hard for the publisher not to put all of its eggs in that basket.

    When you can sell a $60 game and also make billions in microtransactions, you're ultimately having your cake and eating it too. Electronic Arts has promised to fix the other modes, and though it will likely follow through on those promises, don't expect Ultimate Team to go anywhere for the foreseeable future.

    Matters: Your Saves Transfer
    Players were on the fence in terms of committing to the next-gen version of Madden 21 due to some lingering questions. The first was whether they'd have to buy the game twice, but luckily that was answered when Electronic Arts announced its dual-entitlement program.

    The second question was if saves from career and franchise modes would transfer, as well as Ultimate Team items. It has been confirmed that everything except for offline franchise save files will make their way over to the next-gen version of the game.

    Doesn't: Franchise Is Still Lacking
    Electronic Arts, following vocal feedback on social media from the game's player base, has stated they're committed to fixing Franchise mode. Over the last generation, it seemed that the focus of development was one the money-making mode known as Ultimate Team; as a result, Franchise mode got worst with every new entry in the series.

    Change takes time and it seems nothing truly meaningful will happen until Madden 22, but the developer has promised an update in January to the beloved game mode.

    Matters: Visual Quality
    The easiest and most obvious improvement the next-gen version of Madden 21 will display are the visual improvements to the game's graphics. Thanks to the added power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game can push out visual fidelity it dreamed of doing on the last generation consoles.

    Adding these to the improved animations in movement and tackling will hopefully provide an NFL gaming experience that truly feels next-gen.If you want a better gaming experience, Madden 21 Coins must be supported. Gamers can come to U4GM to buy the cheap mut coins.