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We can see a modern-day competitive rating added

  • Lastly, we can see a modern-day competitive rating added. Grand Champion is now not the highest rank! Instead, Grand Champion might be divided into three unique ranks much like all of the different ranks under it (Grand Champion 1, Grand Champion 2, and Grand Champion 3).

    If you have what it takes to climb all the manner to Rocket League Trading the pinnacle of the mountain and triumph over Grand Champion 3 you may be located on the all-new Super Sonic Legend rank! Those new scores are truely going to give gamers extra things to do this might be very time consuming.

    With all that being stated, it's miles no secret that even after five years of the sport being released Rocket League remains going strong. These new modifications are both thrilling and will sure to rocketleaguefans.com be interesting for the Rocket League network. If you aren’t too acquainted with Rocket League you then higher get yourself familiarized by using September 23, 2020, so you can prove yourself because the ultimate Rocket League master!