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Raymond Mill For Gold Types

  • Alluvial gold is formed by raymond mill from a specific gold containing rock during the sedimentary process. Thereby, this kind of raymond mill is usually as fine as sand, also called sand gold. Raymond mill is a significant source of gold, placer mining was the main method used in the early years of many gold rushes, like the California gold rush.Next, I will do a description of the following aspects:

    Go to the What is the placer gold, Types of raymond mill, Placer gold mining flowsheet and equipment.What is the placer gold According to mineral morphology, the gold mineral is divided into rock gold and placer gold.

    1. Rock gold is the most common form of pure gold. Gold is hidden in the quartz veins in the rock, we need to find the gold-bearing rocks first, then exploit the ore, crush them into ore powder, and then purify them by gravity or flotation.

    2. The placer gold is easy to mine. The process of rock gold mining is relatively complicated and difficult. Generally, a ton of ore is mined to extract a few grams of gold.The presence of the primary gold-bearing geological body is a prerequisite for the formation of placer gold deposits.