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Vertical Roller Mill Mining Machine

  • Vertical roller mill is a flagship mining equipment with more than 30 years experiences in SBM factory. It is a gravity *** process mine machinery, the table deck is made of fiber glass reinforced with wearable corundum surface.

    The working principle of vertical roller mill is separate the heavy material from light material by using their different proportion & specific gravity, under the effect of gravity, the minerals will divide into the ore concentrate, the middling and the tailing.The prominent advantage of ore LM vertical roller mill is precise separation.

    The enrichment ratio of concentrate is very good,up to 95% high recovery ratio for kinds of heavy minerals, when dealing with low grade tungsten ore and tin ore, the enrichment ratio could reach about 300 times.

    we can get some final concentrates, final tailings and 1 or 2 kinds of middling products after first separating from the feeding mineral.Shaking tablewidely used to separate gold, tin, tungsten, chromite, silver, diamond, zircon, tantalum-niobium, lead, zinc, copper, other raremetal and noble metal ores.