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The Major Function Of Aggregate Processing Line

  • The coarse aggregate grinding processing line effect of 900mm pitch processing line has the output of 7012t/h, the productivity of 21.18%, grade of concentrate mineral 66.96%, recover rate 26.46%, and comprehensive efficiency of 20.75%. In summary, the 1500mm spiral gravity separator with 900mm pitch is suited for the coarse aggregate grinding processing line processing task.In summary, the larger the pitch ratio is, the higher the concentrate grade is. The greater of chute surface dip angle can heighten the centrifugal force thus fasten thus flow speed.

    The large-pitch ratio is advantageous because the major function is to improve concentrate rate, 900mm pitch is performed better than the 1500mm.

    In addition, during the experimental none of the 5 sets of mineral spiral concentrator have disposition ore. it turns out that the disposition ore phenomenon is mainly owing to the deformation of spiral chute separator, and the coarse grain size of minerals.