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Introduction Of Ball Mill

  • Main in quartz, few amounts of silicate minerals, such as tremolite, actinolite, chlorite, etc.3 Experimental scheme and result3.1 Ball mill concentrator3.1.1 Experimental condition of concentrate orePutting the disposit ore of size grading cyclone into the rough ball mill concentrator machine, and it is required that the grade of concentrate of disposition ore is 50-60%, the distribution width of spiral concentrate( 840mm pitch ) is 250mm.

    The rough dressing effect of 900mm pitch has the output of 7.97t/h, the productivity of 20.88%, grade of concentrate mineral 59.27%, recover rate 32.73%, and comprehensive efficiency of 25.19%. In summary, the 1500mm spiral separator with 900mm pitch is suited for the rough dressing task.

    3.2 Scavenging spiral chute3.2.1 Experimental condition of tailings oreThe tailings of roughing spiral concentrator then into the scavenging process, it is required that the grade of tailings is 15-20%, the distribution width is about 300mm. Take the distribution width test firstly.