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Dry Permanent Vertical Roller Mill

  • In the iron removal test of coal-series kaolin in Anhui, the Fe2O3 content of the raw material decreased from 0.73% to 0.5%, which is equivalent to the *** selection result.

    The periodic vertical roller mill works in three stages, feeding, washing and flushing.

    The slurry (concentration is generally about 30%) enters the sorting zone slowly, the magnetic particles are adsorbed on the steel wool, and the remaining slurry is discharged through the upper discharge valve.

    Stop the feed, open the flush valve, and rinse off the non-magnetic particles trapped on the steel wool.

    Then cut off the DC power supply, gradually demagnetize the steel wool, then open the upper flushing water valve, feed the high-pressure flushing water, rinse the magnetic particles adsorbed on the steel wool, and discharge it from the lower discharge valve.