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Sand Washing Machine For Limestone

  • Sand washing machine have many uses for processing limestone, which have been integrated into people's lives, and all kinds of electrical appliances require electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the pollution to the environment while generating electricity.

    With the global climate change, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and environmental protection has become the theme of today's world. As we all know, most of China's power plants are still thermal power generation, the emergence of desulfurization process, reducing the sulfur emissions in the power generation process, most of the desulfurization is semi-dry desulfurization, mainly sand washing machine as the main raw material .

    In particular, the semi-dry method for desulfurization in a *** state and the treatment of desulfurization products in a dry state has the advantages of fast *** desulfurization reaction speed and high desulfurization efficiency, and dry process waste water-free waste acid discharge and desulfurization products. The advantages of being easy to handle have received widespread attention.