Deformability and Weldability Of Raymond Mill

  • The wear-resistant liner of Raymond mill is made of carbide with volume fraction of more than 50% formed by surfacing welding on common steel plate or heat-resistant steel plate and stainless steel plate. Wear-resistant steel sheet has high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and weldability. It can be directly processed into engineering parts like steel sheet to meet the needs of wear industry and mining. Its wear-resistant life can be increased by more than 15 times than that of ordinary steel sheet.

    "Although sparrows are small, they have all five internal organs", so is the raymond mill. Although the spare parts are small, they are indispensable. The quality of wear-resistant parts will directly determine the production efficiency and production cost of raymond mill. I believe that with the big housekeeper of wear-resistant materials in the cement industry such as Zenith Mining Machinery, the road of domestic raymond mill will go further and further.