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Gender and Sexuality

  • The given chapter includes much interesting information concerning gender aspects, problems and peculiarities. Hence, it is involving to go through the whole chapter and get to know many new facts. Critical Thinking section holds five topics, while some of them are necessary to be focused on in this reflective report.

    Gender Differences

      Psychologists highlight several learning styles important for making a profound analysis of gender’s aspects. David A. Kolb proposed the next four: concrete experience, abstract conceptualization, active experimentation, and reflective observation. At the same time, Dr. Howard Gardner found seven vital intelligences such as musical, logical linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. According to many researches, there are vivid gender differences between two sexes that may consequently distinguish the further interests and occupations of males and females. Evidently, the spheres in which males seem to be more professional are mathematics, machinery, technology, computer science, and alike. For instance, Time magazine evolved the facts that the majority of boys are likely to follow those subject at school, and “yet represent 71 percent of all school suspensions. Girls, on the other ****, excel in subjects like literature and art, and 67 percent go on to college compared with 58 percent of boys”. At the same time, there is a range of thoughts why it usually happens. One side supports the idea that gender differences in terms of special abilities of males and females are inherent. Nevertheless, there are two main approaches to this question, based on: gender characteristics, and sexual inherent learning styles. After conducting special researches, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) stated that differences in learning styles couldn’t be caused by genetic sexual aspects. The role of socialization is distinguished in majority because it presupposes many stereotypes about male and female and their gender position expectations. Therefore, these stereotypes have an intensive impact on the whole teaching system, including teaching styles while dealing with two sexes.


    Since a tendency in the world to support the equality of marriage regarding traditional and non-traditional ones had become open to the masses, new discussions and opinions started as well. 2011 was not successful for such kind of homosexuality in the USA generally, but six states among all have legalized same-sex marriage. Moreover, it occurred many debates from the opposite groups that were used to follow some beliefs. As an example, homosexuals consciously choose the path “to be attracted to members of the same sex and should thus be able to change their ways”. Generally, many opponents consider that a desire to change and a specially developed therapy may be one of the best approaches to cure homosexuality.

    Personality Perspectives

    The following part is about the way many celebrities usually conduct themselves. However, it seems quite interesting but surprising why they may behave out of general norms or ethics. There are three well-known personalities in the focus. They are Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan, who are often noticed in the news or the press headlines. In addition, “…These celebs work to influence their decisions and reactions within a particular context”. For making analysis, it is necessary to point out the mentioned four personality perspectives: psychoanalytic, humanistic, social cognitive, and trait. In addition, the task is to understand their lifestyles, beginning with childhood up to maturity. The habits and interests are rooted deeply in genetics, as well as acquired characteristics of these personalities.


    The main indicator of twins is their vivid similarities that “are reunited after years of separation”. For instance, it can be two brothers reunited after separation at birth, and raised by different people in different places. Moreover, they both never knew about each other’s existence, but at the same age they usually have the same lifestyle, appearance, or some other things.

    In Focus: Everything you wanted to know about sexual fantasies

    In order to have a good understand of sexual fantasies, it is necessity to know the definition of sexuality, which is often connected with the previous notion. According to American Psychological Association, “Sexuality has three stages: Desire is an interest in being sexual. Excitement is the state of arousal that sexual stimulation causes. And orgasm is sexual pleasure's peaking. A sexual disorder occurs when there's a problem in at least one of these stages” (n.d.). In fact, sexuality is also seen as some additional sign of attractiveness, such as physical characteristics that usually make one person dream about another one. Hence, physical attractiveness seems to be the most important for producing of sexual fantasies. Statistics show that the majority of men are used to frequently fantasize about sex. Probably, the statement about lower level of woman’s sexual fantasizing may be under the doubt. Actually, such way of consideration is often caused by many gender stereotypes in our society. However, men’s desire to have sex is seen as his masculine ability and power, while one concerning women’s, is found as kind of bad moral norms and behavior. Evidently, it is quite weird, but the rights to think in the same way cannot be controlled and observed by others. Sexual fantasies may be different and depend on personality. Some people have simple fantasies about sex, others prefer more complex task to go through in their heads, and then implement them into reality. Men’s sexual fantasies often include threesome sex, prostitution, role-playing games, off-limits sex partners, and erotic locations. At the same time, women’s sexual fantasies are more romantic and based on the feelings. Nevertheless, the modern society is becoming more and more democratic, even when the issues touch the role of woman at all levels of her life, including sexual. Consequently, there may be also many non-regular dreams about sex on female’s mind. It is logical to follow its high probability, as the whole spectrum of gender differences is still questionable. When females can be good at technologies and mathematics like males, there is no doubt that they can also be good at producing the same type of sexual fantasies.