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100w Street Light Housing Wholesaler Introduces The Heat Dissip


    100w Street Light Housing Wholesaler introduces the heat dissipation structure of the adjustable module street lamp housing:

    1. The heat dissipation method of the module street lamp housing: the thickness of the touch area with the aluminum substrate is 8mm, which ensures that the heat during chip operation can be conducted in time, and the surface area is as high as 2.6 square meters per surface, and the heat is quickly radiated into the air and the surface is streamlined design , It is convenient for air movement and ensures the convection of hot and cold air;

    2. Modular street lamp shell structure: The street lamp shell structure design enables the circulation of wind to accelerate the heat dissipation, reduce the wind resistance and reduce the pressure load of the lamp pole. The special adjustable plug structure design allows the lamp holder to flexibly adjust the illumination angle.

    3. The module street lamp housing and the heat dissipation part are integrated, which avoids the disadvantages of traditional lamp housings that cannot solve the LED heat dissipation. The aluminum material with high thermal conductivity is used as the main body of heat dissipation, and the surface adopts an oxidation process to ensure heat dissipation together with corrosion resistance.

    4. Superior heat dissipation structure: the radiator and the lamp body are integrated, and the thickened aluminum material can improve the instant heat conduction; the heat dissipation in the center of the entire structure is better than the two sides, so as to achieve a uniform heat dissipation effect and make the entire street lamp more stable during use .

    Through the above introduction, Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.