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100w Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces The Selection

  • 100w Street Light Housing Manufacturer introduces the precautions for selecting lamp housing:

    The surface treatment of the material is difficult to handle the erosion of the harsh environment for a long time: the so-called led street lamp is generally a street lamp with a radiator directly exposed outside. Some owners think that the design of naked lights is more conducive to heat dissipation, but the prerequisite for the longevity of such lamps is that the lamps must be installed in a relatively clean environment that is not affected by harsh external conditions. In practical applications, LED street lamps are all If installed directly outdoors, it may encounter various harsh environments such as acid rain, sandstorms, storms, and snow. The service life of the lamps will be greatly reduced, and the lamps must be replaced frequently.

    In addition, due to the structural nature of the radiator itself, the type of street lamp is very easy to accumulate dust and snow. The dust-covered on the radiator will greatly reduce the three-color performance of the aluminum alloy, and the snow surface looks more conducive to heat dissipation. In fact, the heat dissipation of the lamp is sufficient in a cold environment, but a large amount of snow will cause Cause huge pressure on the lamp pole, reduce damage to the lamp material.

    The rectangular appearance design does not meet the windproof requirements: the rectangle mentioned here refers to the nearly square shape of the led street lamp, and each surface is a large-area plane. Such a plane is better to bear the force. When the wind blows from a plane perpendicularly, the plane cannot divide the wind, which will cause pressure on the light pole and the fixture structure.

    Through the above introduction, Hot-Selling Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.