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100w Street Light Housing Supplier Introduces The Advantages Of


    The advantage of using the built-in power supply for the LED floodlight housing accessory is that it can directly replace the existing fluorescent lamp without changing the original wiring. So, will this inherent advantage pay a price? Answer from 100w Street Light Housing Supplier: Yes, the price is not small. This starts with the ballast structure of ordinary fluorescent lamps:

    The efficiency of the LED floodlight housing accessories mainly refers to the effective light efficiency, because the fluorescent lamp emits 360 degrees of light, and the light emitted in the opposite direction is useless. Therefore, fluorescent lamps usually use a white shade, which can reflect a considerable part of the reverse light. Generally speaking, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps is only about 70%. LED flood light emits 120 degrees of light, so all light is effective light. Although the 120-degree light-emitting angle sometimes narrows slightly, it is still sufficient in most cases. And the light-emitting angle can also be adjusted as needed.

    The luminous efficiency of Philips T8 fluorescent lamp is 72lm/W. The 36W fluorescent lamp emits a total of 2592 lumens, but the lamp efficiency is only 70%, so the effective lumens is 1814.4 lumens, and the luminous efficiency of the LED has exceeded 130lm/W, assuming 100lm /W, then as long as 18W can reach 1800 lumens, that is, as long as half the power of the fluorescent lamp can have the same brightness.

    No mercury, no pollution. We know that fluorescent lamps contain mercury. A 36mm fluorescent lamp contains 25-45mg of mercury, while 26mm (T8) contains 20mg of mercury. Fluorescent lamps use fragile glass as the housing. Once the glass is broken, the mercury in it will immediately evaporate into the air, which can immediately make the mercury concentration in the surrounding air reach 10-20 mg/m3.

    Through the above introduction, Aluminum Lamp Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.