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Led Street Light Housing Supplier Introduces The Relevant Knowl


    Everything is good or bad, and LED floodlight housing is no exception, so we must pay more attention when buying LED floodlight housing, because only good LED floodlight housing can guarantee the long-term LED light The use and heat dissipation are good or bad.

    Led Street Light Housing Supplier teaches you how to distinguish the quality of LED flood light housing. Generally speaking, the size of LED flood light is relatively conventional in the market. There are many LED flood lights on the market that are substandard. For example, for the heat sink of some LED flood light housing, you can look at its heat sink at this time. Some are thick and some are thin. If you are an expert who often uses lamps, you can see the difference between the two lamps at a glance. It is difficult for unfamiliar users to distinguish the length of the heat sink of the caliper of the LED flood light housing. Of course, for the heat dissipation of the LED lamp, the longer the heat sink, the better, and the thickness of the heat sink is About four centimeters is the thick material of the LED flood light shell, which can be seen at a glance as long as it is measured. This is because the LED lamp is a light source with relatively small heat, but it also needs to heat up, so it needs to dissipate heat. The main function of the heat sink on the LED flood light housing is to dissipate heat, so the thicker and longer it is, the greater the heat dissipation. Well, if the heat dissipation is not good, the LED lamp beads are prone to necrosis, which plays a big factor in the service life of the LED flood light. Of course, the quality of the heat sink of the LED flood light housing is actually related to the price. A good LED flood light housing is naturally a lot more expensive.

    If you want a long service life of the LED flood light, it is better to choose a good LED flood light housing. The role of the housing is to dissipate heat and protect the LED light, so when you buy it, you must not be greedy for cheap.
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