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Installation Details Of Double-row Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabi


    The installation process of Double-row Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :

    1. Install the cabinet in the floor cabinet. The first step is to install the cabinet on the floor and clean the floor before installation. This is convenient for measuring accurate floor level and the cabinet after installation is more balanced. If you choose an L-shaped or U-shaped cabinet, Find a reference point. After that, the floor cabinets were leveled and adjusted to the best level. The connection between the base cabinets is also to maintain its tightness, and do not use self-tapping screws with poor quality.

    2. Wall cabinet installation Next, install the cabinet ceiling. When installing, pay attention to the expansion gap between the bolt levels. First draw the horizontal line of the wall, the distance from the floor surface is 650 mm, or according to the height of the owner, and then install the wall cabinet according to the determined horizontal line. The connection should be tight. After installation, adjust the level to maintain the most beautiful state.

    3. There are many kinds of materials for countertop installation, but the most used are artificial stone and natural stone. These countertops are connected by several pieces, so it needs to be polished when pasting, as well as the bonding time and the amount of glue used. Be very careful that it takes 0.5 hours to bond the countertops in summer and 1-1.5 hours in winter. The glue used for bonding must be professional, and a grinder should be used for polishing.

    4. Hardware Installation The installation of hardware is the highlight. In order to prevent sawdust from falling into the basin, faucet, and pull basket, the installation method is used to open holes in the water installation site, and a professional puncher is used to punch holes according to the size of the pipe. , The diameter of the hole is at least 3-4mm larger than that of the pipe. After installation, the opening part should be sealed with a sealing strip to prevent water seepage and expansion of the edge of the wood, which will affect the service life.

    5. Electric appliances for cooking appliances are now embedded. You only need to open the power hole for installation. The power hole can be opened larger, which is convenient for future maintenance and disassembly. Note that when installing, the distance between the range hood and the stove is between 750-800mm; the range hood should be aligned with the stove left and right, and the height can be adjusted according to the actual situation; when installing the connection air source of the stove, ensure that the air connection port does not leak.

    6. Adjusting the cabinet door is the last to be installed. After installation, make adjustments to ensure that the gap between the cabinet doors is even and horizontal and vertical. After adjustment, clean up and keep the kitchen clean.