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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands will be postponed

  • Senior players of World Of Warcraft want to see the expanded version of new Shadowlands online before 2020, but today's news is disappointing. It has been confirmed that the WoW team will postpone the launch of the expanded version of new Shadowlands. The Shadowlands pre-patches that could have been released on October 13 have also been postponed to October 27.

    As the executive producer of World Of Warcraft, John Hight also announced the postponement on the Blizzard blog and social media. He said that the preparations for expansion have been completed, and "regions, battles, escalation of the pursuit of experience and stories" is a good place as the core. The reaction of fans to this game was not as enthusiastic as expected. In particular, a certain lack of Polish can cause a sudden change to work from home.

    The team is still confirming the specific date, so the result has not been released yet. So far, what we have heard is later this year.

    The pre-patches for World Of Warcraft Shadowlands will be released in October. The pre-patch launched this time is mainly to set up Shadowlands by introducing new features. The WOW Classic Gold re-made level can be seen as a major change. There are also some custom roles and some new activities.

    Comments on social media are always mixed. Many people feel that there is no expected effect, saying that Blizzard has not put himself in the position for gamers to consider. It is true that they need to do a lot of things in a limited time. The players are grateful for this, but even so, the staff did not feel confused.

    While World Of Warcraft Shadowlands developed, there was also a problem of delay. Some people say that this story is impressive. If the endgame problem of the game can be resolved smoothly, then World Of Warcraft Shadowlands will continue to attract players as always.Players enjoy the thrill of the game in "World of Warcraft", but in many cases they still feel that there is still a gap in equipment and skills between themselves and other players. But I feel that getting WOW Classic Gold in the game is time-consuming and labor-intensive. So I think they urgently need to Buy WOW Classic Gold find a website called MMOWTS. Open a new chapter in the game here.