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World of Warcraft needs to be fully prepared for the Shadowland

  • The Classic WOW Gold players of World of Warcraft themselves have high expectations for the next expansion, so they felt particularly disappointed when they learned that Shadowlands was delayed. However, on October 13th, the pre-patches for Shadowlands will go live on time. It has been less than two weeks, so there is not enough time left to make some changes to Azeroth.

    Although the natural disaster invasion event is a highly anticipated event, it will not appear again. Some things like most of the frameworks that Shadowlands will run on will be highlighted in the first part of the pre-patch. All categories are restoring old functions, only World of Warcraft is compressed at level one. Players can also customize each game. Players are working hard to get some achievements, and they will get good rewards soon, but there are many ways to prepare for the upcoming pre-patch.

    The death knight's course starts at level 55, while the World of Warcraft Classic Gold demon hunter's hero course starts at level 98. After the pre-patch is released, it will be compressed to eight levels. However, compared with the previous, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time, any death knight or demon hunter at an older stage will always stay at level 25 or 39. Pay attention when logging in to avoid 8-level squeeze, each character must be logged in once after creation.

    Because of the phenomenon of item-level compression, a new method will appear in the pre-patch. Several people of different professions can make five different "Past Relics" items, which increases the requirements and performance of handmade gears. To make artifacts and refined gears requires reagents from the previous expansion, so players have to carry out planting tasks. You can also mine classic ore. It is worth noting that a good way to earn gold in the short term is to use relics to increase the seller's price of goods."World of Warcraft" is a multiplayer online game where players can team up with people who don't know each other. MMOWTS wants to bring the cheapest WOW Classic Gold to players. The service of MMOWTS is also a very game, which is bound to give players a great experience.