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World of Warcraft AWC Cup victory belongs to M2KC

  • Just last night, M2KC won the remote World of Warcraft European Arena World Championship. They won two victories in the four teams. Their first best five-game series was M2KC against Charlotte Phoenix, and their 3-1 victory left their opponents speechless. Their game skills and excellent gameplay are a huge threat to other teams.

    M2KC won a series of victories and successfully entered the finals. They will meet some lower-ranked winners there. With the record of beating Cloud9 in the series, Charlotte Phoenix successfully entered the finals against M2KC.

    Both teams have outstanding performances, M2KC is even better among them, he once again took the top spot with an absolute advantage of 4-1 and won the championship. Paladin is the main work of 2KC, in addition to the Cheap WOW Classic Gold fire mage and wind monk.

    In August, in a four-week period, the top four teams were contested by eight teams from the European Union and North America in a round-robin match. The best team also won in AWC this weekend. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale European championship titles were eventually won by Wildcard Gaming in the European Union and North America.

    Thirteen years later, no one still knows what to expect from the championship in the arena. This year's game is very difficult, so those players who entered the first step of the AWC Tour are already very good. There is no better way to solve the battle for Azeroth. The arena games will not end with the end of the AWC Azeroth campaign season. The journey of "World of Warcraft Classic Fall Conquest" will start on October 3rd.Players all hope that they can upgrade faster in World of Warcraft, and they want to achieve good results in the game with the advantage of fuel-consuming equipment. However, the way they get WOW Classic Gold is still relatively simple, and they can only be obtained by completing tasks in the game. So you need to know MMOWTS. WOW Classic Gold can be purchased directly on MMOWTS.