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One World of Warcraft fan is unwilling to participate in war

  • All factions in the Azeroth area came to participate in the war. The tribes summoned a warrior to act as a banner bearer, but was rejected by one of the team members. The person in charge of this project is Sylvanas Windrunner. The form of his order is the story and the expanded content that most players want to explore. In the shadow realm where the story has not yet developed, Scolex as a paladin expanded twice, and the new content he played was seen as an endorsement of the windrunner.

    The tribal chieftain died at the beginning of the war. Fan’s favorite character, Vol’jin, returns as a ghost solving puzzle, leaving players utterly disappointed. In the end, Sylvanas Windrunner was put on the chief's chair by Vol’jin.

    Scolex has never completed the Cheap WOW Classic Gold mission of introducing the legion, and you will not know the introduction of the Sylvanas. The Azeroth battle is a very smart choice. After the genocide, all the soldiers of the tribe were killed. In order to incite the alliance, Sylvanas bombed her own city with the plague to achieve real genocide.

    World of Warcraft's telling of these stories is phased, and the tense of the world around the home follows the promotion of the task. The player is doing missions in the burning forest, but when he leaves, the forest is absolutely safe. Scolex believes that the tribal version is that Orgrimmar was trapped before being discharged from the Legion.

    Scolex is excluded from the main content such as war battles, war of thorns and countless cutscenes. Of course, they need to calm the incidental content in order to avoid any relationship with the main mission of the tribe.For "World of Warcraft", players still have some troubles, the slow upgrade makes them a little bit want to give up on the game. I think if they can try to log in to Buy WOW Classic Gold the MMOWTS website. Their problem will be solved smoothly after they buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS.