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The void cat pet of World of Warcraft was finally found

  • In September 2019, Blizzard put an empty cat pet named Jenafur into Azeroth expansion. As soon as this news came out, many players were looking for it. A few days ago, players encountered some difficulties, and there were official tips to help players solve the difficulties.

    What makes people unbelievable is that many things that experienced game players can't solve are solved by a guy named Paul. Paul is a non-World of Warcraft player, he found the direction to solve the puzzle at the last moment. Get a new hint in the game.

    Many official hints have followed, and many people hope that the community can develop in the right direction. But the facts are often unsatisfactory. The new hint did solve the World of Warcraft Classic Gold problem, and players guessed that the solution of this hint involves eight kinds of meat. In the end, Paul relied on a musical time scale to put these eight kinds of food on the floor of the opera house lobby to solve the problem.

    Paul believes that the music is the game sound effect "Amara's Wish" that was data-mined in September 2019. At first, many players thought that "Amara's Wish" would be part of the Classic WOW Gold reward after completing the task. Many players thought it was something that they would pay attention to after solving the problem, but Paul emphasized that this is the key to solving the problem.

    Many people are surprised by this and use music scores instead of in-game things to solve the problem. The World of Warcraft community is very satisfied with this matter. But two days after the latest notice appeared, Jenafur still disappeared.Players will definitely have some troubles in the game "World of Warcraft", they will feel that the upgrade seems very slow, they are anxious but powerless. So I think they need to know the existence of MMOWTS. Players may wish to buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, which may solve their problems.