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Companion program for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

  • Being able to support multiple extensions is one of the biggest technical upgrades of World of Warcraft Shadowlands' companion program. Many participants are calling for this feature to be launched as soon as possible. What I want to tell you now is the challenges and problems that these large-scale technological changes will involve.

    What we all know is that players will feel frustrated because there is no way to access the Legion content in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold app when switching. So the problem now is that we need Shadowlands to support multiple extensions at once. The action team especially wanted to provide the community with what the community needed, and they also brought back Legion content.

    We must restore more functions as soon as possible, because the current expansion can no longer support, so we have to optimize the options for the ability to work on the Shadowlands content. Shadowlands is coming soon, which means that players who want to Buy WOW Classic Gold upgrade their alt can do so through the Legion of Timewalking Campaigns. We want to fully support players to upgrade the experience.

    But things are not good or bad, there are most of the Legion-specific code in the application, we can only own the original Legion assets through source code control, so we have to do a perfect test, this test is to put the Legion content Add it again. Go use our new framework. Our current workload is not large, but what we have to do is to completely separate the Legion and the battle for Azeroth.

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    This application itself supports Battle for Azeroth. So we don't need to add more currencies to Shadowlands. We can transplant the entire currency system in the PC client to the new shared code framework developed by Battle of Azeroth.Presumably some World of Warcraft are still looking for a way to easily get WOW Classic Gold, MMOWTS is what you are looking for. There are many cheap WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, if you are interested, you can take a look.