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World of Warcraft will reproduce the experience of ten years ag

  • In order to reproduce the Vanilla WOW Gold experience of World of Warcraft fifteen years ago, the developers of Blizzard adopted discrete "phases" for the release of the game dungeon after the Classic went online last fall, and wanted to reflect its release sequence ten years ago. Blizzard launched Phase 5 in July, during which players can recreate and experience The opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, a sensational historical event.

    Like many players, I hope that this World of Warcraft Classic Gold event will become easier in 14 years and it will be possible for the entire server to gather together to experience a wonderful moment of the game. This event was an impossible event in 2006. World of Warcraft has unlimited possibilities, but to be honest, it is extremely difficult to realize them.

    Yes, this thing is really not normal. But Blizzard can start from the technical aspects of solving this matter, there is no need to adopt this approach. But for those who develop Classic, this approach is still necessary.

    It is not that the event itself makes the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj special, but because the huge scale and investment are necessary for the participants. In order to open the door, the Alliance and the Horde contributed a lot of materials to work for the war. The entire server took weeks or even months to complete this problem as early as 2006.

    Today, 15 years later, players are no longer worried about what will happen when the door is closed, they are more concerned about whether the server will be difficult to bear the burden. Blizzard recognizes this problem, and he wants to use the stress test of the incident to alleviate the situation."World of Warcraft" has been improving, so, as players, we also need to upgrade our equipment. So what are we going to do? MMOWTS will tell you what to do. You only need to buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS. When you have enough WOW Classic Gold, you can upgrade your equipment.