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World of Warcraft Classic first anniversary

  • On August 26, 2019, World of Warcraft Classic was officially launched. This game had its happy first anniversary last month. The success of this game in its first year and the surprises it brought us made Warcraft fans and Blizzard pay special attention to it.

    Ahn’Qiraq can now be opened. The capacity of this game is equal to one-half of Vanilla's. The speed of issuing subsequent patches is the same as the first time. This is something beyond expectations in World of Warcraft Classic, and some unexpected events will happen.

    The Cheap WOW Classic Gold popularity of World of Warcraft Classic is far beyond our imagination, and this is also true for Warcraft fans. Classic servers were crowded with players at the beginning, and when players experienced World of Warcraft Classic again in Azeroth, many servers were already overcrowded.

    There were some problems with early servers. Many servers are overcrowded, and Blizzard finds it difficult to manage this situation. Many players think that the world is either crowded with things, or to avoid dense populations to enable other versions, so in this WOW Classic Gold For Sale way, empty space is a very abnormal thing, especially for higher levels.

    Currently, the PUG dungeon and raid system of World of Warcraft are cross-server. In comparison, the server community of Classic is more intensive. This situation becomes more prominent as Blizzard slowly phases out and updates the server system.The charm of "World of Warcraft" is endless, if you are interested, you can experience it yourself in the game. You need the help of MMOWTS. Buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, you are worth a try.