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Several stunning scenery worth looking for with the Danube

  • Covering 10 countries, extending from Germany to Ukraine, you will find that the Danube has more characteristics than the famous holiday resorts on the Danube. The 8 key attractions listed here are truly effective choices for the river.

    The second longest river in Europe winds through 10 European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

    It officially started the marathon in the majestic zone of Donaueschingen Castle, where the statue of Mother Baar influences her baby east of the Danube. After nearly 3,000 kilometers, this huge river drained into the Black Sea.

    Whether you ride down the Danube by car, bicycle or boat, you can wind along the fairytale dark forest, steep canyons and historic settlements. Along the way discover some of the most charming towns in Europe: Passau, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. Call some. However, compared with these famous tourist destinations, the Danube has more to do. Here are some of the most advanced technologies of the Danube...

    1. Germany: Weltenburg Monastery and the Danube Strait

    Passing the village of Weltenburg, the Danube becomes a watery noose, which doubles itself. A Benedictine monastery straddles the neck of the peninsula, the imposing Baroque architecture of the Bar has a luxurious 18th century chapel, and even more incredible the brewery. Marvel at the magnificence of St. George, then enter the cloister and indulge in your own Baroque Dunkel Abbey. Before boarding the boat that squeezed from the slender limestone gorge towards Kelheim, you can rest on the shingles seaside facing the monastery, or dip your toes into the Danube.

    Climb the observation deck along the far shore of Amble again to ensure a bird's eye view of this outstanding monastery, and then take the rope ferry instead of reaching Weltenburg Abbey again.

    2. Austria: the wonderful Wachau Valley

    In the idyllic Danube valley, ride a motorcycle in Melk, bike along the water to Krems, and enjoy its magnificent scenery. Just before departure, please choose your time and energy to visit Melk Abbey, a huge monastery situated on the rocky outcrop above the aforementioned river. The chapel is dripping gold, although the pottery-style library (with ceiling-to-floor bookshelves) preserves medieval manuscripts.

    In summer, all the fruits of the apricot orchard are scattered along the riverside path between the historic towns. The higher slopes are covered with vineyards (detailed by UNESCO) and are covered with romantic castles.

    Before returning to Melk, take a look at the magnificent church buildings and magnificent Baroque buildings in Krems, Vienna, then retreat to the other bank, return to Melk again, and appreciate the uniqueness of this charming valley.