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Prevention of osteoarthritis starts with those aspects

  • 1 The first thing is to keep the joints warm. Whether the joints are involved or not, patients should make sure they don't get cold, especially at night when they sleep, so they can change into autumn clothes and pants and cover up, especially not to leave their shoulders and feet exposed. If the elbows and knees get cold, you can put on elbow pads and knee pads to keep you warm and prevent sports injuries.

    02 Then you have to do functional training properly. Try to set aside half an hour or so every day to do some whole body health exercises, or choose swimming, tai chi and other sports, but also for some joints to do some targeted exercise. But remember to do a good warm-up and protective measures when exercising to avoid joint injuries, and try to avoid some sports that cause serious wear and tear on the joints.

    03 Finally, symptomatic treatment should be implemented as soon as possible. Although the development of arthritis is slower when the weather turns cooler, it will always cause some damage to the body. Therefore, patients should go to a regular hospital for treatment as early as possible. For small joint lesions, laser acupuncture is also used to relieve pain and inflammation, while some large joint lesions such as knee and hip can be treated with German arthroscopy. After treatment, physical therapy and massage can also be used to consolidate the treatment effect.

    04 Once a person gets older, the dangers of joint degeneration throughout the body become apparent, and osteoarthritis is one of the reasons for this. If you don't find ways to treat it, the affected joints will become painful, stiff, and even deformed.