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Eyelash growth solution has miraculous effect? Long-term use or

  • In the past "Double Eleven", many beauty bloggers stood up for a certain eyelash growth solution, saying that after using it, it can make the eyelashes darker and denser and "personally tested to be effective". Can eyelash growth solution really work so well?

    The ingredients of the eyelash growth solution on the market are mainly prostaglandins (such as horse prostaglandins, latanoprost), minoxidil, growth peptides and so on.

    Initially, ophthalmologists discovered that prostaglandin-based drugs could promote eyelash growth when treating glaucoma. However, researchers later found that prolonged use of such drugs can lead to eyelid hypertrophy, as well as irritation of the cornea, causing corneal tingling and even corneal ulcers.

    Minoxidil can improve blood flow around the hair follicle and promote hair growth, and is often used to treat male pattern baldness, and later also used to promote eyelash growth. However, minoxidil has strong side effects, causing inflammation of the eyelids and disrupting the normal structure and function of the eye surface.

    Growth peptide can, to some extent, replenish the hair follicles and promote hair follicle growth. However, its safety has not been confirmed, and long-term use can also cause eyelid inflammation.

    Eyelashes play an important protective role for the eyes, reducing damage to the eyes from foreign substances. In summary, if you are not losing your eyelashes, it is not recommended to use eyelash growth solution. Long-term use can damage the local microenvironment of the eye surface and cause unnecessary damage to the eyes.